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Work With Me

Here are a few things I can help with you with.

  • Content Creation / Writing / Blogging
  • Blog / Website / Social Media Management
  • Virtual Assistance

Content Creation / Writing / Blogging.

I do write. I have been writing professionally for the last three years and personally for the better part of my life. I enjoy writing about various topics among them business, personal growth, money, health, travel among others. This blog is a testament to that 🙂

Here are some of my works featured elsewhere:-

How to Rock Travel on A Really Tight Budget

Top 10 Gig Economy Platforms

African Honeymoons – Luxury With a Touch of Adventure

Any arrangement that works for the both of us, be it ghostwriting, one off engagements, coming on as a staff writer, regular contributor etc, I’m open and flexible. Don’t hesitate to reach out. My rates are affordable too 🙂

Blog / Website & Social Media Management.

Closely coupled with writing is blog / website management. If you have been blogging for any length of time, then you know only too well that blogging can be time consuming. There are numerous tasks to complete just to keep the blog afloat, and that’s not even accounting for features, products and events you’d want to include on your blog/website.

That’s where I come in. I can help with the basic, time consuming and regular tasks so you can focus on writing, expansion and the bigger picture. I can help with such things as keeping the site updated, basic WordPress design and development, uploading and formatting content, re-purposing content, putting special projects together, SEO and link building among others.

Additionally, I can help with social media and networking. Right from blog commenting to keeping social media pages updated and creating engagement.

Some of the bloggers I have worked with include:-

Modest Money

A Little Adrift

The Casual Capitalist

Virtual Assistance.

Not all businesses online are blogs or websites. Perhaps you have a brick and mortar business with an e-shop, or running a consultancy, or any other business and require assistance to run things.

Virtual assistants do a whole lot of things. They research, they put together reports, presentations etc. They can do data entry, manage your email and connections for you. They can even keep you abreast of industry happenings and how it might affect your life or business. A good virtual assistant is your go to fixer when you want something done. And if all doesn’t doesn’t sound convincing yet, here are ten more things you can outsource to your VA.

Anything you have in mind for your VA, am sure we can come to a mutually beneficial arrangement. Am highly adaptable to your business needs. Whatever needs to be done to make your business (or side hustle) a success.

For any inquiries, feel free to contact me here.