elstad services

How can I help you succeed and thrive? Here are some areas we can work together on.

1. Freelance article and blog writing

I’m a freelance writer for hire who can breathe life into your content and blogging efforts. My writing will help you connect, engage and educate your readers, clients and customers. It also comes SEO optimized to get that much needed search traffic. You can expect professional, high quality and well researched articles to delight your readers. Contact me for a quote.

2. Blog / Social media management

If you have been blogging for any length of time, you know only too well that it can time consuming. There are numerous tasks to complete just to keep the blog afloat, and that’s not even accounting for features, products and events you’d want to include on your blog/website. Could your social media do with some dash of color & activity?

I can help you keep afloat and free your time to focus on what you do best. Feel free to contact me for a quote.

3. Virtual & Executive Assistance

Are you an entrepreneur or professional feeling overwhelmed with balancing your work and family life? Do have ideas bouncing left and right? Does it seem to take forever to implement them or get things done? I can help you work things through. I’ll be your right hand guy. The execution guy. I want you focused on the 20% life changing tasks. Leave the rest to me.

Virtual assistants do a whole lot of things. From research, email management to data entry and keeping you abreast of industry happenings and how it might affect your life or business. A good virtual assistant is your go to fixer when you want something done. I can be that and more for you. Contact me and let’s make your vision a reality!

4. Internet marketing and outreach

Do you have an online or offline business that you need marketed over the internet. I can create and implement a total internet marketing plan. Content marketing, blogging, affiliate, reputation management, media buys & adverts. Package starts at $700. Let me know what you require.

5. Virtual team & project management

Do you need to a team to work on your project but don’t have the time to put everything together? Or do you have an existing team in place that never seem to work in sync? Stalled projects maybe? No worries, I can help manage the team and make it swing in tandem.

That should free your time and eliminate the hassle of keeping up with a thousand things. Reach out and let’s see how we can work together.

6. Advertising services

Advertise your product/service here or with the blogs I work with (mainly in the personal finance, travel, tech & freelancing niches). Contact me for a quote and we can work out a package deal for you.

7. Consulting & Training

Want to learn how to become a successful freelancer? Improve your pitches, get clients or even market your products and services better? Or maybe you are a business that could do with fresh and innovative ideas? Stuck, frustrated or just want a helping hand. Well, am here for you. Reach out and let’s work on thriving together!

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