About Me

blog managerHi there, my name is Simon Elstad. Welcome to my blog!

This is a showcase of my work – as a freelance writer, blog manager, virtual assistant and much more. It’s a collection of my ideas in the realm of mindful living, freelancing, personal finance, the sharing economy and other related topics.

“Done is better that perfect”

I’ve met and interacted with immensely talented individuals and amazing businesses in the last couple of years working online.

I’ve also learned a tonne along the way; lessons I wish to pass onto others considering various side hustles online. My experiences aren’t particularly unique, yet I believe they can help others on their path of self discovery in the wonderful world of “new work”, “gig economy”, “sharing economy” or whatever else moniker there is.

It’s my hope that you will not only find value and learn a thing from here, but also, take your freelancing or side hustle to the next level.

Feel free to reach out about anything; Share an idea, offer constructive criticism, partner with me, work with me or even, just say hey. Am open to the possibilities 🙂


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