Investing Like a Pro

Smart investing is not just in the domain of investment gurus, hedge fund managers and Wall Street veterans. It’s in the field of achievement for everyone dedicated enough. You need to understand what makes investments tick. Take advantage of available information to improve their portfolios as well. Over time, a few principles have emerged. Successful Read More ->


How an Accountant Can Save Your Business

Accountants are in the business of recording financial transactions and extracting key insights from that data. In short, they have a bird’s eye-view of your entire business and the pressure points that can be your sinking points. That’s why you need them and why they will save your business. Forget what you have heard about Read More ->


A Day at A Time

Not long ago I lost a friend. One minute he was visiting and laughing with friends, the next he was gone. For good. Dead. The first thought that went through my mind was the last time I saw him. I was in such a hurry. I wanted to go somewhere. Looking back, wherever I went wasn’t Read More ->