How to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out

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With more than 500 million users worldwide, LinkedIn is the perfect place to connect with people that can boost your career or business. But, how do you make your LinkedIn profile stand out?

For one, an eye-catching profile will do the trick. It captures attention and draws interest. Research shows that a complete LinkedIn profile increases your chances of landing new opportunities by almost 40 times.

Put simply; a good profile equals higher chances of landing your dream job.

Recruiters, potential business partners, prospects, all rely on your LinkedIn profile to understand you. Consider it the internet’s version of that first impression. And you want to make an unforgettable one. Here’s what you can do to make your LinkedIn profile stand out.


Professional headshot

professional headshot

You’ll be shocked at what people put as their headshot on LinkedIn. Not judging, but pictures of your dog, or cat, surely? Unless you’re a vet, in which case it makes more sense.

For the rest, the headshot is what people see first on your profile. You want to make it good.

Whether we like it or not, people make lots of judgments based on your looks. Facial competence, for example, is a powerful predictor of electoral success.  And it is not just in politics. People considered handsome or beautiful tend to out-earn their peers.

Invest a little in getting a proper headshot. Bonus: You can use it in other areas too.

For the best results, put an image that speaks to your brand. That can be creative, analytical—anything you want to portray.

Face forward and smile. Seriously, a smile builds an aura of trust around you. It signals that you’re warm, open, and ready for business.


Write a killer headline.

The headline distills what you do and what you can offer. If newspapers sell because of their headlines, the same principle applies to your LinkedIn profile. You need something catchy, unique, and concise.

While it defaults to your current work position, you can change that. You have 120 characters to play with. Bring out your professional side. Use words that demonstrate expertise in your industry.


Create an intriguing summary


Here’s a little secret: The trick to standing out lies in uniqueness. In a world inundated by sameness, and cookie-cutter stuff, you must be unique. Don’t fear to express your true self. That authenticity is what will land you the job or prospect.

Even if it doesn’t, there are more than 7B people in the world. Someone will notice. And sometimes you need one to turn your tide. Plus, life is too short for crappy boilerplate profiles.

Highlight your skills and experiences. What can you do for prospective employers or business partners? Do you have proof?

You have about 2000 characters to play with. Paint a glowing picture of your background and professional capabilities. This is your chance to shine. You can also use a few keywords to help clients find you faster.


Final Thoughts

To recap, get a professional headshot, create that killer profile and write a mind-blowing summary.

During these Covid-19 times, when people are losing jobs at unprecedented rates, you need to put your best foot forward. You must stand out to get noticed. These tips to make your LinkedIn profile stand out to give you that competitive edge you desperately need.

Good luck!

Simon Elstad

Simon Elstad is a freelance writer/editor, digital strategist & all-round online business operations ninja. For work and collaborations, or to just give feedback (or buy him coffee), reach him at: simon [at] simonelstad.com or Twitter @Simonelstad