6 Essential Digital Project Management Skills for 2018 & Beyond

digital project management skills

There is more to being a project manager than drawing pretty plans, barking out orders to team members and sitting in your office sipping diet soda. Project management is about leadership. It’s about getting stuff done through the application of skills, tools specialized techniques to meet project deadlines and project requirements. The professional digital project manager is a master of different skills – a Jack […]

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How to Attract and Retain the Best Talent to Your Team

best talent

A battle is raging on. It’s the scramble for great talent. Businesses are in an all-out race to attract and retain the best talent, and with good reason, research indicates that superior employees and freelancers do more work and are up to 8 times more productive. If we use the 80/20 principle, it’s evident that a few workers will end up producing the most results. […]

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7 High-demand Freelance Skills for 2018

High-demand Freelancer Skills

Freelancing is on the uptrend with one estimate putting the number of freelancers at 35% of the workforce. Being your boss, ability to set your hours and the potential to work from anywhere are some of the enticing perks to most freelancers. Advances in technology and globalization are also pushing businesses to rethink their employment policies. With that in mind, some skills have emerged as […]

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